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Cumulus Deployment Suite open sourced

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Today, we are very happy to announce that the Cumulus Deployment Suite is now released as open source. Cumulus is a set of tools developed to simplify automatic software deployment and infrastructure provisioning on the Amazon AWS cloud platform. With Cumulus, new software can be easily deployed to a large server farm in a fast, safe and predictable way. Cumulus uses the awesome AWS CloudFormation service and can be configured to fit numerous different deployment scenarios.

Cumulus Deployment Suite is developed and supported by Skymill Solutions and is currently being used extensively within large production environments at many of our clients.

To quickly get you started using Cumulus, we have put together a short video showcasing a basic setup:

To get your copy of Cumulus, please head over to our GitHub page:

The full documentation is available at:

Please submit any issues and feature requests to the GitHub issue tracker:

And please feel free to leave a comment below!